5/16/2017 Daniel Maserang Always easy to deal with and schedule appointments
4/24/2017 Mike Lapenna Please thank Sean and Daniel for both having a genuine concern and resolving the over heating issues I had with my Jeep. Also thank you for giving the Jeep a bath, she looked great when finished.
4/23/2017 Steve Excellent job!
4/21/2017 Bill Dempsey have only driven car 10 miles since service but appears to be well done. Two items: 1. Coolant tank over filled and dripping water. Another driver alerted me to water spilling onto road. 2. Car left outside and had rain splatter on body and windshield. I expected it to be clean when returned.
4/20/2017 Paul Sitkowski Great work and service as usual!
4/15/2017 Robert Fellner Great service as always!
4/13/2017 Ivliia Shevchuk Great! I came with Mercedes today to check my low beam ( it was not working ) and I got fixed in 10 mins. Very smart people and polite. They are not trying to get money from you or get over. First they are looking for problem and trying to help and only after talking about price! I'm about to come there to change my oil in couple months. Thank you for help today😊
4/12/2017 James Rhein If you have a car not registered for some years, they'll get the emissions as low as possible, better than scraping by at the DMV...better for car and the environment.
4/6/2017 Margaret Nordstrom Great service for my 1998 BMW Z3. The employees are fabulous!!
3/31/2017 Gail Cabrera Sean was awesome and their driver was great too! I really appreciated the ride to work and pick up service. Thanks guys!
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