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3 Ways to Avoid Purchasing a Lemon

There are over one hundred ways to describe a vehicle, and "lemon" is one of the most undesirable ways. They're a car buyer's worst nightmare, so it's important to learn a few ways to help avoid them. Purchasing a vehicle is a substantial financial commitment with a lot of moving parts. To decrease your risk of becoming victimized by shady car sales tactics, we've created a list of 3 great ways to avoid accidentally purchasing a lemon. 

Test Drive
A test drive is critical for all vehicle sales, whether the vehicle is new or used. Test drives offer the opportunity to feel out the car and inspect for any damage or malfunctions during the drive. During the test drive, you can look out for any unusual sounds or smells. A drive allows you to check that all fluids are healthy, lights are working, and the tire threads are properly wearing. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection
Purchasing a vehicle isn't cheap, and it shouldn't be a decision you rush into. A pre-purchase inspection is the opportunity to invest in an outside automotive expert to inspect the vehicle to ensure the car has no significant damage. A professional can find issues that may not be as noticeable by the untrained eye. 

Check the Title
Carfax can be checked for all vehicles and documents the vehicle's repair and owner history. They require a fee, but it's small investments for a detailed history of your potential purchase. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection In Las Vegas, NV
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