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5 Key Signs Your BMW Has an Oil Leak

Clean engine oil is essential to strong engine performance in BMW's. Engine oil keeps the engine's hot internal parts lubricated and cool. With time, engine oil can become dirty, gritty, and even leak out. This can damage the engine and lead to costly repairs. If there's a lack of engine oil, the metal internal parts will rub together. Too much friction from the hot metal parts can cause the engine to overheat. A pool of oil under your car is one significant sign that there's a leak. However, not all BMW's may have a visible leak. There are several signs that there may be an oil leak, and it's essential to be aware to prevent permanent damage to your vehicle. Below are five indicators that your BMW has an oil leak. 

The oil light came on. 

When the oil levels are low, the dashboard light will illuminate to alert you. Don't rely on the dashboard light to notify you of a problem with your BMW. Check the oil levels regularly to prevent any surprise issues. By the time the oil light comes on, the damage has already been done. 

You smell burning oil. 

If your BMW smells like burnt oil, hot engine oil may be leaking and hitting the hot engine. Burnt oil will have an unmistakable industrial smell that should be inspected by an expert. 

The engine is making popping and sizzling noises. 

The engine is scorching, and any hold liquids leaked will sizzle. If you turn off your car and notice a frying sound, make a note of it and check for any leaked oil underneath your vehicle. Oil leaks will be amber brown or dark. You may not always notice a large amount of oil; check for small drops as well. 

There's smoke coming from under the hood. 

Smoking from the engine can indicate several serious problems, including a major oil leak. Our BMW experts can provide a diagnosis and repair your vehicle before the rapid deterioration of your vehicle's engine. 

The engine has overheated. 

The engine oil keeps the engine lubricated; if there's a leak, the engine will overheat. If your engine overheats, significant damage can ensue. The cylinders can become warped, and the head gasket can get cracked. 

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