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5 Signs It's Time for a Wheel Alignment

Whenever your wheels are in trouble, it's important to have them checked for alignment so that you can fix your car as soon as possible and get it back in shape. Here are some symptoms and warning signs that it may be time to get your wheels aligned:

Crooked Steering Wheel

Your steering wheel should always be straight whenever you are driving the car. A sign that your wheels need to be realigned is if your steering wheel is off the center by a bit and that you must keep re-centering it to fix it. It is important to have your wheels checked so that your steering wheel may be fixed and that your vehicle's pull will be back to normal.

Pulling From One Side To Another

Vehicle pull is noticed usually when driving straight on a road, and it is one of the main indicators that your wheels have an issue. If your car pulls to one side or to the other without you touching it, it is very important you take your car in to be checked and have your wheels aligned, as this issue can lead to accidents. 

Tire Wear

If you notice tire wear patterns, there can possibly be many things that can be wrong with your car. Ranging from issues in the tire pressure, suspension condition, and steering wheel alignments, as well as a possible problem in the camber adjustment. Tire wear is an indicator that your tire's life is coming to an end, so it is important to have your wheels aligned to increase your tire's life expectancy.


If your wheels handling feels loose and unpredictable, aside from being an indicator that your car is unsafe to drive, it also means that your wheels are in desperate need of alignment.

Steering Wheel Unable To Center

We talked previously about how your steering wheel not being centered is an issue of wheel alignment. If your steering wheel is not centered and cannot be reverted back to the center on its own, your wheels are in vast need of alignment as your alignment is off and your wheels are putting your car at risk.

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your car, please feel free to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop.