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A story from a friend about his BMW horror story.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah! I know, I’m about to sound like a total snob right now talking about his foreign and expensive car but trust me when I say this is not my intention in the slightest sense. I simply would like to tell my story so if anyone else buys a BMW and has the same problem this will help.

So anyways this all started roughly about nine months ago when I purchased a German Beast known as a BMW 1997 740il Silver. I got the car at a ridiculous price and I still feel it was a steal. So within two weeks I noticed that the car started to overheat in a subtle yet noticeable manner. This is where the head ache begins.

So I took the car into a German Auto Repair (not to be confused with German Motors), who was allegedly a Certified Technician. The first thing this hack does is tell me that it was obviously the car’s thermostat. Well that was wrong $400 later, then this guy says no no no it is the car’s radiator coolant reservoir. So $600 later that was wrong. Now over a grand deep into this I started getting annoyed and talked to my brother to see if he could look at it. Understandably I was desperate because I was asking my brother who is a complete moron but is a little mechanically inclined, yet he is obviously no ‘certified technician’.

Four hours after I dropped off my BMW to him he calls me back and says hey your car is fixed. I couldn’t believe what he was telling me so I rushed back over there to see what he was talking about but low and behold the damn thing was fixed. Apparently BMW’s are extremely sensitive when it comes to coolant levels and bubbles in the line and the jerk I took the car to never once flushed the fluid.

So if you have a BMW you should either take your car to a close relative that knows very little about anything at all or you can take it to an ACTUAL Certified Technician who knows what they’re doing. Versus the guy who jipped me for a grand.