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Have You Checked Your Belts and Hoses Lately?

Did you know that your car can suffer extensive damage is your belts or hoses fail? The belts and hoses under the hood help to power important vehicle systems for heating and cooling.A break in either of these systems can result in expensive damage. The best way to avoid this scenario is to get regular maintenance on your belts and hoses.

Important Belts and Hoses to Watch

Timing Belt - change every 60,000 miles

Serpentine Belt - change according to manufacturer instructions.

Radiator Hoses - change according to manufacturer instructions.

The hoses in your heating and cooling system are designed to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. This tolerance to temperature extremes can wear on your hoses over time. This wear-and-tear can result in cracks, breaks, or leaks in hoses that can cause more extensive damage to your vehicle if left unchecked.

When checking coolant levels and inspecting hoses, never remove your radiator cap while your engine is hot!

The fluids inside the radiator are sometimes boiling hot and also under pressure. Wait until your engine has completely cooled before removing radiator caps and hoses. Materials that can pass through hoses include coolants, fluids, water, dirts, oils, and sludges.

Factors that can affect belts are heat, cold, extreme temperatures, oils, abrasives, tension, friction, slack. If you suspect that your car is having a problem with a damaged belt or hose, have your car serviced by a certified automotive technician.

Certified Automotive Repair

A certified automotive technician can assess, diagnose, and repair broken or malfunctioning belts and hoses. When you take your car to a certified technician for a belts and hose check, they will likely perform the following services.

  • Check the white coolant-recovery tank for fluid levels

  • Check for soft spots at hose connections

  • Flush and replace coolant

  • Find hose damage caused by heat or abrasions

  • Repair or replace damaged belts and hoses

Prevent expensive damage to your vehicle by getting regular preventative maintenance. If your vehicle is showing signs of wear-and-tear on belts and hoses, we invite you to bring your vehicle in for service to our auto service center today!