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Hitting the Road For the Holidays

It is that time of year again, when we all bring our families together, and in most cases; time to hit the open road. 85% of all Americans travel more than 50 miles to be with family, and in many instances, hundreds more. This isn't including the miles we put on to do our shopping for presents, or the short trips to the markets to get the turkeys, hams and all the fixings. Road trips around this time of year for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or New Years are almost a guarantee for all of us, wether it be around the corner, or across state lines.

Something that is overlooked but VERY important, is that we have a good, reliable vehicle to do it all in. While we are all limited to budgetary constraints this time of year, undue automotive repair costs can be very inconvenient and unpleasant. One way to combat this, is to make sure that our vehicles are ready to gain the holiday miles.

This is also the time of year when the temperature drops, and your car may start to act a little funny. Important to check are the rubber items, belts, hoses, wiring, tires and wipers must be inspected for any cracking, wear, dryness and are a very easy fix. Also important before hitting the road are fluids and filters, to ensure the best performance of the vehicle in terms of fuel consumption, cooling system performance. Get the battery checked as well, as a very important specification on all batteries are cold-cranking amps (CCA,) as cold start conditions are hard on the vehicle's charging system.

At German Motors, we can help you and your family hit the road for the Holiday Season. These types of repairs come at minimal costs, and protect you and your vehicle from costly repairs or unforseen breakdowns. Bring your vehicle into German Motors for any service, and recieve a complimentary inspection to get your vehicle ready for the Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays,

German Motors