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Holiday Car Care Tips for Your European Vehicle

The winter holidays are official here. Thanksgiving has now passed, and holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's are right around the corner. Many drivers will be hitting the Las Vegas roads this season. It's essential to make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape before you hit the road. The last thing you need is unexpected mechanical problems and expensive repair bills. Below we have listed a few car care tips to keep in mind during your holiday travel. 

Check your tires.
Tires are your vehicle's primary contact with the road and are a crucial part of safe travel. Especially during the winter when it becomes wet and icy in Las Vegas. Road trips during the winter with worn tires can put your and your passengers in danger. Make sure their tire pressure is at the manufacturer's recommendations. You can check the recommended PSI for your tires by looking inside the driver's door jam. Once the tires are properly inflated, look at the tire tread. Tire tread that is inconsistent and overly worn can be a sign that your wheels need to be aligned or balanced. 

Check the tire battery.
Car batteries have to work harder during colder months. You may notice that it's becoming more difficult to start your car. It's a good idea to bring your vehicle in to check your vehicle's battery life. We can give you an idea of when you can expect to need to replace it.  

Change the oil.
Engine oil helps your engine run smoothly. Check your vehicle's owner's manual for an oil change interval recommendation for your car. If you aren't sure whether it's time to change the oil, pop the hood while your vehicle is cold and check the oil quality. Engine oil is amber brown. If the oil looks dark and gritty, it's time to schedule an oil change. 

Check the coolant.
Coolant is a lime green fluid that helps manage the engine's temperature and prevents rust and corrosion. Low coolant can cause significant engine problems such as a damaged head gasket or engine block. Your coolant may be adequately topped off but filled with pollutants. This will be a sign that your vehicle should have a coolant flush before you hit the road.  

Replace your windshield wiper.
Windshield wipers are sometimes forgotten about if it's not raining. This makes it essential to have them replaced before starting your road trip, and the weather gets bad. Worn wiper blades will limit your visibility on the road. Safety is paramount; if you need your wipers replaced, stop in at your earliest convenience. Replacing the wiper blades is a quick and straightforward process. 

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