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Mercedes Benz: Scheduled Service- WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

Mercedes Benz: Scheduled Service   


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What do the Letters attached to Services Mean?

On your Mercedes Benz, you may have noticed that after a certain amount of mileage, you received a notification that says Service “ due with a corresponding letter attached to it. These letters will range from A-H, just depending on what your car requires and what type of mileage you have driven since your last service. These letters are designations of the labor time and type of service necessary for your Mercedes at that time.

Current and recent Mercedes Benz models will have a multitude of sensors that monitor your brakes, tires, fluids and most of the important things happening with your car. Washer fluid, Brake fluid, Power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, tire pressures, brake condition and filter conditions are all monitored by these letters. Some are corresponding to the mileage driven and some are actively monitoring the conditions of each component.

What do the Letters Mean?

These services will approximate the amount of work needed by the letter designation of your Service. Service A is about one hour of service needed, this is typically an oil change, vehicle inspection, tire rotation and possibly a cabin filter or engine air filter. Service B is anywhere between 2-3 hours of service and includes an oil change, tire rotation,, vehicle inspection, brake fluid flush, cabin filter and air filter change.  

These letters are the corresponding codes all the way up to H and can also include transmission filter and fluid change, brake services, spark plug replacement, serpentine belt replacement, coolant flush, air conditioning service, battery replacement, suspension components and any other regularly scheduled maintenance items.

To The Customer-

At German Motors, we specialize in these types of Mercedes services and take pride in making sure that your vehicle stays in good running order. We can offer a thorough and comprehensive service to keep your Mercedes on the road, making sure you get the most out of your car or SUV. Our ASE Certified Technicians offer many years of experience working on Mercedes Benz vehicles, ensuring a complete job every time.  

We at German Motors are also at your service to clarify any questions you may have about what your vehicle is needing in the way of service or repair. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you and your Mercedes Benz.


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