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What Happens If You Put the Wrong Gas in Your Car?

If you just purchased a vehicle, you may be eager to get it on the road. First, you need to fill up the tank. You get to the gas station and realize that you put the wrong fuel in the gas tank at the last minute. What happens when a vehicle is filled with the wrong gas? What should you do? 

If you put regular gas in a vehicle meant for premium fuel:

  • Handling and performance will be reduced. 
  • The fuel economy will be decreased.
  • Long term engine damage will not occur. 
  • Using premium fuel should reverse any adverse effects. 

Premium fuel in a vehicle meant for regular fuel: 

  •  If the owner’s manual recommends using regular fuel, using premium fuel won’t offer any benefits. Using premium gas should not cause any significant damage.

Gas in a vehicle meant for diesel fuel: 

  • Gas in a diesel engine is damaging to a car. Diesel lubricates the fuel system, while gas can cause premature wear on essential components such as fuel pumps and injectors. If you accidentally placed gas in the tank, it’s best to have the vehicle towed, and the tank drained. 

Diesel fuel in a vehicle meant for gasoline: 

  •  Accidentally putting diesel in a gas-fueled car isn’t very common because the pumps are traditionally a different color. However, mistakes can and do happen. If diesel is put in a gas engine, the vehicle may not start. If it does start, it can smoke and lead to severe engine damage. It’s best to have the car towed, and the tank drained. 

 It’s pretty simple to prevent choosing the wrong fuel; it starts with knowing your car. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will have the recommended fuel for top performance, or you can check online. Stay present and aware of the gas pump. When you go to the gas station, try to eliminate any distractions to prevent damaging the engine.