Las Vegas Auto Repair

Wheel Alignment in Las Vegas, NV

Here at German Motors, we are here to assist when you find yourself in need of a wheel alignment in Las Vegas NV. While a wheel alignment service may seem like a simple one, not every shop uses the best equipment in the industry to perform their alignments which can hinder the accuracy of the service. At German Motors, we use the Hunter HawkEye Alignment equipment which is regarded as the best wheel alignment tool available. 

The Hunter HawkEye Alignment machine is the fastest and most accurate alignment tool on the market today. It uses precise cameras and computer technology to adjust your vehicle's wheel alignment angles to the exact manufacturer recommendations with complete accuracy. Additionally, the equipment can read your vehicle's current alignment in less than 70 seconds, compared to the standard alignment equipment at 4 minutes. This helps our mechanics work faster and get your service completed in a timely manner. 

Proper wheel alignment is so important for a number of different reasons. For starters, when your wheels aren't properly aligned, your steering isn't 100% accurate. It also causes unnecessary and excessive wear and tear to your tires, costing you money on a new set more often. This is why accurate wheel alignments are so important and why we only use Hunter here at our shop. We want to give you the best results and ensure that your vehicle runs at its absolute best. 

If you're due for a wheel alignment in Las Vegas NV, bring your car into German Motors today!